Pre-Clinical AD Studies Alzheimer’s Disease Stemedica International is making significant progress in pre-clinical studies for its Alzheimer’s disease therapy. more helpful hints Stage I: Study to determine the impact of peripheral itMSC delivery on amyloid pathology in genetically modified amyloid-depositing mice

vente cytotec maroc Stemedica International has generated remarkable pre-clinical data in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) mouse models that exhibit cerebral amyloid beta (Abeta) pathology. Conducted in collaboration with Switzerland’s École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EFPL), this pre-clinical study demonstrated that itMSC delivery significantly reduces amyloid pathology, without appearance of adverse side effects.



site de rencontre 100 pour 100 gratuit en france Immunohistochemical analysis of Abeta immunoreactivity shows the impact of Stemedica International’s itMSC therapy on Abeta plaques in the transgenic mouse brain (right panel), compared to that observed in an untreated animal (left panel).



dating expat jakarta These panels show longitudinal, label-free, xfOCM (extended focus optical coherence microscopy) imaging of the same plaque-containing volume in a young mouse model of AD. Amyloid pathology is observed in the blue channel, while label-free micro-angiography is shown in the red channel (Scale bar: 75 μm) (Bolmont et al., “Journal of Neuroscience,” 2012)