Stemedica International uses parent company Stemedica Cell Technologies’ itMSCs, itNSCs and stem cell factors, which are manufactured in a cGMP-compliant facility licensed by the State of California Department of Public Health Food and Drug Branch (FDB). Stemedica International retains exclusive access to such cells and any future modifications for degenerative-disease indications.

Here is how Stemedica manufactures its itMSCs and itNSCs:



Stemedica’s Technology Platform includes core enabling competencies, proprietary methodologies, expertise and intellectual property related to its manufacturing processes and procedures conducted at its own facilities. The Technology Platform delivers quality, safety and reliability with:

  • Manufacturing in its own cGMP compliant facilities
  • Licensing by U.S. FDA and Swissmedic for pre-clinical and clinical use in approved trials
    • Safety in full compliance with U.S. FDA, FDB, Swissmedic and European Union requirements
  • Multiple stem cell lines
    • Product Development: proprietary protocols and standard-operating procedures for isolation, expansion, preservation and master banking
  • Hypoxic-controlled environments
  • Specialized media
  • Clone-enrichment methodology
  • Scalability at commercial levels
  • Documented traceability
  • Documented reproducibility
  • Bio-safety testing at certified laboratories
  • Preservation and master banking
  • Global shipping and receiving methodologies

Here’s how the process works, in contrast to other stem-cell manufacturers:



Stemedica Cell Technologies’ manufacturing process offers Stemedica International stem cells with these benefits:

  • Safe and powerful expansion process
  • No contamination
  • Consistency across multiple lots
  • High potency for studied indications
  • Unmatched capacity